The Archers

Friday, 21 June 2024 - 14 minutes

When Fallon wonders what’s arrived in the post for Harrison, he admits it’s a baby loss certificate. Fallon’s understanding, apologising for over-reacting to Harrison’s prayers with Alan. She accepts that the miscarriage was significant to Harrison, and he should be able to react in his own way. Harrison says he just needed to say goodbye to the possibility of a baby. They say they love each other, and Fallon confesses to going out and getting drunk with Kirsty last week, explaining how it helped her to wipe the slate clean. Harrison understands that it was Fallon’s way of dealing with it all, they both reacted in their own ways. When Fallon mentions Alice’s in court today, Harrison says he’s not going to get angry about her and will just let the justice system take its course. Adam touches base with Alice before the hearing. Alice confirms she hasn’t drunk, but it means she can’t stop thinking about what she did to everyone. Adam says she’s doing well considering Jakob’s slip up at The Stables yesterday, but it’s good Lilian explained they were just sounding out temporary cover.Later at the Magistrates Court, Adam’s astounded when Alice pleads not guilty. Even Alice isn’t sure what happened, but she just knows she wouldn’t have driven after drinking so much. She wouldn’t endanger people’s lives. Adam drives home the fact that now she’s made a prison sentence more likely. Alice realises the implications and admits she’s frightened. She needs to buy something to drink. When Adam says she can’t let this drag her under, Alice thinks otherwise.

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